The importance of Yoga, an ancient holistic solution for mankind’s physical and mental wellness, can never be undermined. 21st June was marked as ‘International Yoga Day’ in 2015 by the United Nations. On this day, people across the globe organise events, practice yoga, meditate, have cultural performances, meet, debate and discuss the benefits of yoga to spread awareness. Yoga is a sanskrit name meaning to unite. It symbolizes the union or one’s body and consciousness.

The theme of the fifth annual International Yoga day is ‘Climate Action’. It will be celebrated in the United Nations with ‘Yoga Gurus’ followed by a panel discussion. Yoga has the ability to reverse some of the lifestyle diseases and fitness disorders. It’s vast range of asanas are instrumental in relaxing the body, mind and soul leading to healing.

The first Yoga Day was celebrated at Raj Path, New Delhi. PM Shri Narendra Modi performed around 21 yoga asanas with other dignitaries and thereby creating two Guinness World Records namely, world’s largest yoga class with 35,985 participants and secondly maximum number of participating nationalities (there were 84 in number)

Source: The Indian Express