Richard Mayer is a renowned professor of psychology at the University of California and an educational researcher. He suggests the use of graphics to explain complicated subject matter as it is a known fact that the brain can retain visual information more than just words. So a mix of graphics and words, or the multimedia effect, is always better. It also helps improve a child’s grades.

He also says not to repeat verbatim information in words and graphics. Contrary to what one may think, repeating the same information, whether in text, audio or video, actually hinders learning. In a video repeated information creates an overload. In learning through multimedia, one tends to reflexively read the text placed on the screen than concentrate on narration.

Another very interesting tip from Richard Mayer is to actually work out the math problem, or for that matter any problem, in the video step by step instead of standing against the white board where the problem has already been solved. 

He also opines that lectures delivered by an instructor with a positive attitude have a greater impact than from one with just a positive voice or gestures from someone having a negative emotional tone. 

Source : edsurge