Per NCERT no pre-school child shall be made to take any written or oral exam.The purpose of evaluating a child at this stage is not to label him as ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.  Pre-school programmes in the country are currently not uniform. Some schools expose children to structured and formal learning at this stage itself complete with giving tests and homework. Per the new guideline –


  • Continuous assessment of a child based on various tools and techniques like anecdotal records, checklists, portfolios and interaction with peers.
  • Teachers to make a brief note based on her observation of the child covering parameters like how and where he/she spends time, their social relationships, use of language, modes of interaction, health and nutrition habits.
  • Individual child’s folder should be made available to parents and children to view and to remain with the school till the child’s transition to another preschool or primary school.
  • Parents to receive written and verbal progress report at least twice a year. 
  • Parameters regarding the infrastructure, qualification and salary of the staff, admission process and records, registers to be maintained, monitoring and supervision mechanism, coordination and convergence with community and parents have also been defined in the guideline.


Source: News 18