Sports should be an integral part of every student’s life and school curriculum and not just for the sake of a formality. With proper guidelines regarding inculcation of sports along with academics, one will witness a balanced growth amongst children

Khelo India Scheme:

The government is making all efforts to promote sports with initiatives like Khelo India School Games. This Programme aims at reviving sports culture at the grass-root level by providing strong framework for all sports played in India. Emphasis on physical education along with supportive environment for the physically active students.  Designated areas will have sports infrastructure, talent identification, coaching for excellence, community sports, and competition structure and sports economy.

Importance of Adopting Sports and Education:

In 1984 National Sports Policy recommended making sports mandatory while designing the school curriculum. School athletic activities provide supervised enjoyable activities and the athletes display healthier eating habits, cardiovascular fitness and less likely to experience anxiety and depression and not prone to substance abuse.

Shift in the Mindset of Parents:

There is a paradigm shift in the mindset of parents and the community as a whole. They now understand and approve of their wards taking up some sort of sport to remain physically fit.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Survey Conducted on 2017,

In India, more emphasis is given to education than sports. Now it is this very education sector which plays a significant role in promoting sports to instill qualities like obedience, determination, will power and discipline apart from building physical stamina.

Some of the Positive Effects of Education in Sports are:

Living a healthy lifestyle is instilled at an early age, it could act as a building block for future sports persons, employment opportunities e.g coaches, fitness trainers etc and underprivileged talent can avail educational opportunities through scholarships.