CBSE board exams shall end this week and so far there have been no reports of any paper leak. This year the board adopted new technologies and measures to the system to make it leak-proof.


After two years the system of multiple sets of question papers was reintroduced. The questions were reordered to make different sets and a few new ones were also inserted. Questions papers also bore QR codes to trace the origin of a leak and stop its spread. Encrypted question papers were kept as a backup which could be sent to most centres online within minutes. Superintendents carrying the papers to the centre were tracked by the board. The time each set of question papers were opened at different centres was also maintained. Pictures of the monitoring room was whatsapped to the board too. FIR was lodged with the Delhi Police against the weblinks on Youtube which claimed to be selling original question papers and creating panic and confusion amongst students and parents. An official statement was also published by the board in this regard. Change in the exam hall timings left no opportunity to make use of any leaked paper.