What is a breakout room in a video conferencing platform? Breakout rooms are sub rooms that are created within meeting or training sessions to split large groups into smaller groups to talk, discuss or collaborate. In an online classroom setting, if the teacher opts for breakout rooms then how to make them less boring? 

Try to keep a few shorter breakout rooms instead of one larger one. In a larger room, if some groups are done with the exercise and have lots of time left, some within the group may feel socially awkward with the extra time in hand. You can make the student’s work more visible when they are in the breakout room through an editable shared document. This can help make the collaboration visible to all groups. It is important to have a title slide with instructions for the students so that they know clearly what is expected of them to do in the breakout sessions. Once the student clicks on the shared document, you will be able to see the icons representing them on screen. This shall give you more visibility while working with groups than in a face-to-face class.

Source : edsurge