COVID-19 with its implications and challenges on education needs no introduction. Unfortunately hackers are out to exploit the current scenario. They try to lure the K-12 sector with phishing schemes and malware attacks. The FBI has also recently issued a warning regarding the same. It is important that the schools and families are aware of these and address them.

Phishing Attacks

It is common for the attackers to send emails posing as trusted companies and individuals. They lure you with lucrative offers and steal credit card information and other personal data. Schools should make the children aware of it especially those who may be interacting with emails for the first time during remote learning. Grammar, punctuation and formatting errors in the communication can be a giveaway of the hacker. Check the links before opening them. Check for dashes, extra characters, or additional letters and numbers. Right-clicking or hovering the mouse over the email address can also provide clues like multiple letters or numbers that don’t appear to belong. If the students have any doubts, they should be encouraged to reach out to the elders before clicking on any such links

Unique Password

Simple passwords are easy to remember but a boon for the hackers. It is important to create strong, unique passwords for security. Let them change the school created passwords. Password Manager, a computer program that allows users to store, generate, and manage their personal passwords for online services, is a useful tool to manage various passwords

Streaming Services

It is advisable to make sure that all software in use is updated. Privacy setting of all the devices should be in place. Microphone should be on mute when not actively utilizing the device. If possible, create a separate network for connected devices and computers and smartphones. 

The information imparted regarding online safety should be in a way that it does not instill fear but makes one more cautious. Your safety is in your hands, hackers will continue to find new prey!!


Source : eschoolnews