Call it digital documentaries, computer-based narratives, digital essays, electronic memoirs, interactive storytelling, etc but all revolve around the idea of combining storytelling with a variety of multimedia which also includes graphics, audio, video and web publishing.

This is a good opportunity for teachers to encourage students to integrate technology with the help of the number of age appropriate apps and tools available online in learning. 

The following are four major benefits of introducing digital storytelling- 

It becomes a source of encouragement for artistic students 

Students with a creative bent of mind, be it in the field of acting, music, cartooning, photography, graphics, singing etc, will be encouraged to showcase their talent. Working on the artistic aspect of the project, they can also get motivated to learn a new skill and succeed. 

It gives English learners a new way to communicate

Those interested in English language get a platform to effectively communicate their stories through digital media. It will teach them to articulate their thoughts and voice modulation while recording.  The beginners and intermediate english learners will also get a chance to interact with the advanced learners.

It turns tech-savvy students into teachers

Students who are more tech-savvy and have a good hold on tools like iMovie, GoAnimate, iMotionHD, Adobe Photoshop etc become helping hands to those who are unfamiliar with the app operation and its result is the collective progress of the students.

It creates a peer-centered learning environment

The process of creating a digital story builds a powerful learning environment in the classroom. The use of different media and skills involves a good exchange of information amongst themselves. 

Source : edtechreview