Thanks to edtech apps, smartphones could be your best anytime anywhere tutor during exam time. Apps use video programs, gamification to simplify complex subjects. There are some apps that include peers and forums where children can reach out to each other for group discussions or clear doubts. India has a large mobile user base so each device can be a potential tutor. These apps are also helping making learning fun.

Byju’s focuses on video adaption of the curriculum to make students understand concepts followed by preset questions for classes 5 to 12 across boards and also entrance exams for most professional courses in India

Edu-rev is an interactive app where students for class 5 to 12 and tutors can interact with each other. Along with course ware it also has entrance exam preparations and specialised courses. Like social media platforms students can follow tutors and vice-versa. Its structured learning can reach a much wider audience because it can also directly connect a student with a tutor.

Toppr offers adaptive practice questions, chat platform, all India level mock tests and free video lectures

Edtech apps also turn out to be economical for parents looking out for tuitions for their children.