We are all aware of Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. These are digital voice assistants. In education they can be put to work in many ways, including –

  • Checking solutions and spelling
  • Getting the weather report
  • Creating white noise and providing background music
  • Opening and closing software apps
  • Providing basic knowledge answers

Edtech is working on what if these digital voice assistants could be designed to work exclusively in education environment is support with artificial intelligence as a personal tutor.

The modern tech tutors students (and teachers) need
Often called a “Siri for education,” AI assistants provide students with two necessary components for learning: immediate response and objective feedback. Digital voice assistant tutors focus on niches like learning English or studying a specific subject.


This is a product of Google Assistant. It mixes AI and human tutors to help foreign students take english certification exam. AI builds personalized courses. AI also records the conversation of human tutors to analyze pronunciation.

Robot Ani

It teaches Business English to non-native English speakers to master the language required at workplace. It uses an adaptive platform and chatbot-style interactions to engage the students and assess their progress.

Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant

It automates assessment by using data mining and artificial intelligence and acts like a conversational guide.

Using an AI Assistant in Higher Education

AI’s working anytime anywhere is most suitable with any student’s schedule and digital voice assistants are more cost effective than centers.

Source: https://www.thetechedvocate.org/your-next-tutor-may-be-a-digital-voice-assistant/