There is more to education than securing marks and grades. It inculcates leadership qualities,values and prepares them to handle various facet of life. Teaching pedagogy too has seen a shift from traditional to modern. Some of the significant innovations in education in 2018 are –

Motion Capture Technology:

Commonly referred as MoCap, this technology helps students can comprehend the concepts with the help of movement of objects or people. This interactive teaching pedagogy is useful for students studying biomedical, interactive media, film and television industry.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

This technology creates immersive learning space for better understanding and improves upon a child’s imagination and thinking ability, motor skills and sharpens conceptualization.


A video based technology.The teacher creates ‘grids’ and posts different topics and students participate in discussions by posting well thought of and planned video responses.


Learning happens through specifically designed video games which is engaging and adds to the fun. It helps improve concentration and understanding difficult concepts.

Online Courses and Learning:

Educational instruction is accessible to students via internet anytime and anywhere.

Flipped Learning:

A blended learning strategy wherein students research and prepare for topics through various channels before it is taken up in class. This is particularly helpful in having a better understanding of the subject and improves their reading and analytical skills.