Children of Ladakh are now being exposed to e-learning. A Mumbai based organisation, Goldenmile Learning, has introduced e-learning programs in 22 schools in the region and will soon add 16 more. After overcoming some teething troubles, many students now from far flung areas too are now benefiting from it. Rinchen Ango, regional head of Goldenmile Learning said the problem of frequent power cuts was kept in mind while introducing user friendly gadgets to teachers with better technology. The team also keeps a check on the progress from time to time.

What is interesting to note is that some Chinese students living in the other side of the border are also showing keen interest in e-learning. The curriculum of junior classes follows the Jammu and Kashmir state board and teaches English, Hindi, Bodhi Language, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics through e-learning mode until class 8. Introducing such a program for senior classes too is being considered. 

Source: The Times of India