Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ needs no introduction. 170 kms from Nagpur is Amravati Municipal Corporation’s small Marathi medium school comprising of 36 students. Mr Amol Bhoyar, one of the two teachers there has utilized the services of Alexa in a very innovative way. He fitted the device inside a mannequin and dressed it up in smart clothes with rimmed glasses. Her ‘voice’ or the speakers are connected via Bluetooth and the school had a new teacher. 

Bengaluru EdTech start-up Learning Matters has developed ‘Tara’ which is in service in two schools in Tamil Nadu. The focus of such an innovation is improving learning outcomes in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. 

Encouraged by the use of voice assistants in the education sector, Amazon has ‘learning-based’ Alexa’s skills wherein the teachers can customize their experience using Alexa Blueprints. A set of easy-to-use templates can be used to make unique quizzes and stories. 

These new ‘teachers’ have become a favourite to their students  because they answers all their questions, recites nursery rhymes on demand, corrects them in a soft tone and moreover, never scolds anyone. 

Source: Times of India