Data is the most under-rated yet a very critical application for any organization. Important decisions are made on basis of analysis of the data collected. Similarly, in any school too it is important while making any decisions for the betterment of the student or the institute. The school ERP software compiles all the data and generates various reports like fees collection, student/faculty attendance, leave report, student report cards, salary etc. Some comprehensive reports can be shared through the teacher, student and parents portals as well as automatically emailed to them as an attachment. In fact, all compiled data can be emailed to any personnel on the scheduled day as an attachment. Password protected access to sensitive data can be authorized to certain users by the admins.

school erp software

school erp software

Lead and Conversion Reports:
Marketing is the heart of any organization. The sales and marketing teams solely depends on accurate real time lead and conversion reports to strategize their campaign. This report will provide you complete insight into exactly who has been visiting your site and from where they heard about you first.

Student Reports:
As soon as a child is enrolled, the school has to religiously start maintaining his database which includes but is not limited to parents name, their occupation, address, phone numbers, date of birth of child, documents submitted, year of admission and so on. Starting from his attendance to his overall class performance, from roll number generation to class section allocation, from assignments given to their timely submissions, from assessments to feedback, from exam performance to report cards, fee reminders to fee receipts, circulars to academic and non-academic event notifications – all data is collected, categorized and what’s more shared with teachers, parents and students too on their password protected portals and, as mentioned above, emailed as well. What’s more, this data is to be maintained for the entire span he is in the school.

Staff Reports:
Staff is the backbone of any organization…rather an asset which works diligently to make the organization successful and profitable. That’s the reason there is a Human Resources department which is fully dedicated to oversee a productive and thriving workforce. Staff management software can perform both basic and complex HR related functions which would otherwise take excessive amount of time and be prone to errors. At the blink of an eye and with just one click before you would be precisely calculated staff attendance, leaves taken and pending, their schedule, job performance, personal data, overtime and payroll.

Library Report:
Books are man’s best friend and the Library management software of any institute! The entire inventory of books and journals, detailed record of the members, issue and return date with time as well as fines collected, if any are the key fields covered in Library reports.

Balance Sheet:
Irrespective of the size of an organization the finance department will always be it’s epicenter. Financial reports are required for number of reasons and throughout the year. Be it Accounts payable and receivables, outstanding dues, Payroll, profit and loss, balance sheet, bank reconciliations etc. The data can processed under whichever head the need be.

The data of your entire fleet – its purchase details, insurance or servicing due, driver and conductor details, route allocation, daily arrival and departure real time recordings, fuel consumption, students attendance etc can be retrieved anytime.

Dynamic Reports:
All the above mentioned reports are feasible through Dynamic Reports too. Our Dynamic reports combines a static report with the accuracy of a live report and can be shared in excel and PDF format through links whenever required.

Once we have the database, there are numerous possibilities of generating real time accurate reports. Skolaro online school management software is a versatile data management software provides detailed reports vital for better and efficient school management