With information just a click of the mouse away at any given time of the day, the concept and purpose of a traditional library is on the decline. However, libraries now are a combination of traditional print media and electronic resources but they still need to evolve further and become more interactive and modern to avoid being totally obsolete.

In these days of internet the problem is that there is an overload of information with authenticity an issue. Therefore, libraries will still be required by students, academicians and researchers for quality information. The libraries these days should be able to provide space for people of all ages where they could come and hold discussions on books and writers, have a meditation hall and most importantly where reading habit is inculcated amongst children as due to too much of screen viewing they are losing creative and analytical abilities.

Not only the infrastructure of libraries but Library Science professionals too need to upgrade themselves and keep pace with changing times. Curriculum of Library Science needs to be amended to include business and data analytics, psychology and entrepreneurship, domain knowledge and soft skills. Industry-academia tie-up for hands-on learning is required.