The digital India campaign launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015 is transforming India for the betterment. This is a very big step which will bring digital revolution in every field and will reduce paperwork, improve work efficiency and save time.

What can be the most significant contribution to the education industry by going digital? If you are drawing a blank, you are not alone! Imparting knowledge to the students is not as challenging as a management of the school is. It requires a lot of effort and coordination to manage every aspect of running a successful school. Cloud based single portal ‘School Management Software’ also called ‘School ERP System’ makes the entire process of school administration absolutely hassle free and paperless.



The automated finance management system has made procedures like fee collection, payroll management, accounting and finance, Budgeting and forecasting quite painless. Fraudulent acts and misleading transactions can be immediately brought to the notice of the authorities.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. The authorities have to continually keep the parents, students and the faculty informed of various school notices, fee alerts, timetables and several other things and sometimes it may be on an urgent basis. An integrated SMS/email can be immediately sent out in such a scenario. This is definitely more desirable than printing flyers.

Assignments, assessment and grading ….. One of the most time-consuming recurrent task of a teacher. Assignments can be assigned to individual students, group or to the entire class with features like assignment notifications, reminders, submissions, feedback and assessment. The student, on the other hand, can submit the same online thus doing their bit in saving on paper. All this is seamlessly taken care by Assignment and assessment management system.

It is mandatory for the schools to maintain complete record/data of each and every enrolled student as well as the faculty. Difficult to do so on paper and retrieving it when required-impossible! With cloud support your entire data is safe and secure and retrievable as and when required. All information is password protected and accessible only to authorized personnel.

Teachers, student and parents portal, to an extent, reduces the mad rush on PTMs. Teachers and students can view their schedule for the day, assignments can be uploaded and submitted online and much more whereas, the parents portal is a proactive tool which enhances parent/teacher communication. Since the entire progress can be tracked by the parents, the students are more responsible for their late and missing assignment and grades.

Books are man’s best friends. Categorizing all the books, keeping a record of their issue and return in good condition as well on the due date by the faculty and the students…. a Herculean task if done manually!! The interactive and simple Library management application of the School Management enhances the efficiency of a librarian. Cataloguing, acquisition, circulation, article indexing, bar code generation and member/student ID card generation was never so systematic.

But in nutshell it can be said that no institute can flourish without an efficient and effective management and administration. The School Management Software is the answer to the old school ledgers and spreadsheets traditionally used to formulate and manage all aspects of running a school, be it administrative, academic, Financial, communication or transportation. Many school owners who have embraced the software vouch for its efficacy.