Some teachers find it difficult to keep pace with classroom technology but the following suggestions may help them:

Learn from Students

Accept that today’s generation is more technologically enlightened. Students would be more than willing to help their teachers maneuver through the complex issues.

Take a Proactive Approach to Learning New Technology

With a bit of commitment and zeal to learn you could master the required digital skills.

Focus on the Most Valuable and Positive Aspects

Start with those that add value to your teaching practice like some apps or online tutoring programs before venturing into more complex ones.

Blend Traditional Learning and Digital Learning

Integration of digital learning and tech free activities is vital for a holistic learning environment

Set The Rules In Classrooms

Students at times get too engrossed while using their devices. They could lose track of time, access prohibited material etc. You need to be stern here and work in tandem with system administrators in school to restrict access to inappropriate e-resources

Provide Feedback Regularly

Use technology to get effective feed backs to evaluate the class performance and plugging the weak areas.

Use Technology For Personal Goals

When you get a hang of using technology for personal use like social media forums and taking online courses, you are bound to be comfortable with it in classroom too.

Collaborate with Others

Observe, ask questions, work closely and seek assistance from your tech-savvy colleagues.