For the purpose of reading anywhere-anytime digital devices like tablets, e-readers and smartphones are very convenient but there are still some people who prefer to read a printed book instead of an e-book and have some good valid reasons for same.

They are better for your health

Researchers from Harvard have come to the conclusion that using digital devices before bedtime has an adverse effect on your health. Light emitting device at bedtime makes one more alert. It prolongs the time taken to fall asleep, interferes with circadian clock and melatonin (a sleep-promoting hormone) REM sleep and reduces alertness the following morning. Prolonged use leads to chronic insomnia and some serious health issues like cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and also cancer. So if you want to read late into the night, preferably take your textbook. 

Reading comprehension is better with textbooks

Digital books are difficult to remember and print media easy to comprehend and remember. Too many interactive visual features of e-books engaged the reader but distracted them from attempting to read. 

Textbooks are not so hard on the eyes

Printed text is not too hard on the eyes. Reading from a back-lit screen can make your eyes tired and strained resulting in dry or watery eyes, blurred vision, difficulty in focusing, sore neck and shoulders and light sensitivity. 

Textbooks are still preferred by students

Survey has revealed that students like the smell of a book, the feel of turning the pages and scribbling notes in the margins. 

Source: The Tech Edvocate