Few days back it was reported in the papers that the Haryana Government had ordered shutting down of nursery, LKG and UKG classes in private schools across the state as it felt that ample time should be given to children to play and grow mentally. It was suggested that children below five years of age can go to anganwadi for a play school. The decision attracted a lot of criticism from the association of private schools calling it discriminatory and demanded its implementation in Government schools as well.

The Haryana elementary education department has issued a clarification in this regard and has said that they do not have any plans of shutting the nursery and kindergarten classes in recognised primary schools across the state. Following a complaint filed by an NGO wherein it was alleged that some private schools were not registered with the government and hence were operating the nursery and kindergarten classes illegally. The department had asked the district elementary education officers to keep a check on the functioning of these classes and the reports started to emerge of their closure, thus the confusion. 

It further stated that although the classes will continue as usual but the department will not compromise on the safety of the children at any cost. The compliance of the guidelines issued by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) by the playshools will continue to be monitored by the Education and WCD departments

Source: India Today and Hindustan Times