The board exams are just round the corner and apart from that the children are also preparing for pre-boards simultaneously. Children need all the support from their parents at this crucial time and it is advisable for them to take note of following so as not add onto the stress the children are already going through.

Do not Compare your Child with Others:

Every child is unique and so is yours. Comparing your child, his performance and study schedule is the most common mistake the parents do and perhaps is also the most damaging to child’s confidence and self esteem

Do not Exert Pressure on your Children Before Exams:

Do not mount pressure on your ward to achieve high level of success in exams. They are already under lot of stress and adding your expectations on top of it is certainly not desirable.

Do not Force Children to Study for Longer Periods:

Studying for longer periods is no mantra for higher grades. Rather, pay attention that they take regular breaks, eat healthy, relax and get sufficient sleep.

Do not Disconnect TV or Internet Connection:

Do not disconnect TV or the internet services before exams. This makes them relax between study sessions. In fact, there are some useful websites for board preparations that offer solved previous years papers as well as sample papers.

Do not Demotivate or Demoralize your Children:

During this difficult phase of their lives the children look up to their parents for help and support. So encourage them with positive attitude rather than demotivating or demoralizing them.