A lot of alumni networks are almost as old as their alma maters. At the start, most of these associations were entirely voluntary, supported solely by individual alumni. Volunteers maintained mailing lists, collected dues to support activities, produced publications, organized events and annual meetings. The world of Alumni Relations has come a long way since its inception in the early eighteenth century. They became a vital part of most of the educational institutions now. Thanks to the efforts of many outstanding professionals in Alumni Relations. Alumni management system  the most vital resource of every educational institution as they can be of great help for events, possible recruiters for your new alumni, a source of revenue via donations and memberships.They are the brand ambassadors of their school and role models for the students.

Alumni Management System Software

Alumni are a truly valuable asset, and one should not lose their data and the control over your relationship with them. It has become really difficult for the education institutions these days to create a bond between alumni and the college campus. So, an alumni management platform allows you to maintain control of the data about your alumni, engage them through a dedicated and targeted medium and access detailed and customized analytics. It is mandatory to keep good communication channel and interlock between alumni and institute as they become good brand ambassadors and presents marketing across their surrounding. Record of alumni should be stored in such a way that any admin should be able to retrieve it anytime and link old students to an educational institute. A good alumni network benefits the institution, current students and as well as its Alumni. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Skolaro school alumni management software allows alumni to register on school’s website. Once an alumnus becomes an approved member they will receive all news, jobs, fundraising and other event updates on the alumni dashboard. It offers an abstract of what’s going on in your community and gather to the point entropy for your alumni to access according to their requirements. Alumni can get in touch with their classmates at regular intervals and plan their get together with school authorities on a regular basis. The application of alumni management system is used to maintain data of alumni and to provide a platform where alumni can see the progress of an institution and also participate in improving institution condition with the help of donation. Skolaro Alumni Management Software deals in providing each and everything you need to achieve regarding alumni data on the website and mobile devices to build a strong alumni community. A dedicated alumni platform ensures that the communication is delivered to the right people, in the right locations, at the right time. Skolaro- alumni management platform allows you to centralize the tools you need to engross and develop your surroundings like email marketing, event management, membership management, and fundraising.


  • Better managed Alumni Relations and Events
  • Configurable and scalable solutions
  • Anywhere access to records for Alumni and School Administration
  • The direct communication channel between Alumni and School
  • Multiple campus management
  • Complete database management for Alumni
  • Platform for interactive discussions and information exchange for Alumni
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career building tools

To bridge the gap between institute, students, and alumni, alumni management software helps to build an effective alumni network by engagement, and collaboration. It is one of the best alumni management software which enhances student execution, boosts student career and employ ability making them an achiever. In all of these offerings, all continues to establish itself as a drawing card and trailblazer by delivering forefront, real-world experiences that provide a unique array of opportunities and prescribed changes.