Consider the following tips to garner honest feedback from students-

Conduct Surveys

An anonymous online and offline survey is one of the best ways for feedback.  This will allow students to give authentic feedback without the fear of being targeted by the teacher. You can either ask direct questions or keep them open ended to get an overall idea. 

Conduct a small group instructional feedback (SGIF) session 

You can conduct a small group instructional feedback session where the students can share their learning experience. Another faculty member can conduct this survey without the presence of the teacher who is being assessed. It is advisable to conduct this survey mid-semester so that there is enough time to implement positive changes.

Try Focus Group

Focus groups can also be used to assess the overall wellness of a class. School’s teacher or someone from outside can conduct this survey. Divide students in groups, pose your questions and they can discuss among themselves. The group incharge can then share their findings aloud while you make notes.

Gather Feedback Through Conferences

At the end of the academic year, you could confer your students to get an overall picture. The students can share their experiences and suggestions on questions like what went good for them? What hurdles they had during the course? What aided their growth? Take note of responses and implement them in the next year’s planning. 

Source: edutechreview