Education is your ladder to success… social mobility. The leverage education has on social mobility is more apparent in developing countries. Private education is the best provided one can afford it.

Unique Private School Style Education for Everyone through AI

Private education has a favorable teacher/student ratio where every child is given proper attention by the teacher and his unique educational needs and abilities gets a head start in life. Adaptive learning platforms i.e. computer based online/online educational system that evaluates is real time the student’s performance and modifies the presentation of materials accordingly, are powered by AI. Thus the teacher can provide help to students prepare every lesson

Instant Schools

Digital learning materials reaches even the remotest of area through mobile network on basic tablets. An app called Kolibri creates an offline server to bring the educational resources to teachers and students.

College Prep Apps

For enrolling at an institution for higher education High School GPA calculator enables high school students calculate and keep track of their Grade Point Average (GPA) which simplifies the college application process.

Applicants for whom financing their higher education is a matter of concern, helps them search 3.7 million available scholarships.

App YouVisit, a college prep app puts the applicant on a virtual trip on the campus of his choice so that he may feel at home when he actually arrives on campus.