Sometimes minimal management and the principal of ‘Trust and Self-Organization’ works for the best. The popular notion is that it is a teacher who has to motivate their students to achieve something either through rewards or punishments. In fact, one is at his best when driven by self-motivation rather than extrinsic motivation. Children are most empowered and productive when they are trusted and free to self-organize and are not patronized. 

Human brain is very much capable of deciding what, when and how to learn and seek knowledge. Trust the children to ask and answer their own questions and explore what they want to learn. As a play-based preschool educator it is advisable to follow a curriculum that the children have created for themselves. Be a facilitator rather than an instructor. A child’s learning need not be in a pre-decided orderly manner. There is no time wasted in the process of learning and one may be looking at things from all angles, whether alone or in a group. 

Provide space and autonomy to learn through play to the young minds to promote a lifelong love for learning.