Remote learning was the only way out when COVID 19 forced all educational institutes to close down. The switch to remote learning was not without challenges.

Leveraging Familiar Frameworks 

Amidst the global pandemic when uncertainty, anxiety, inequity and angst prevail amongst everyone, the schools should, as far as possible, follow the framework, goals and mission etc that were in place during the pre-pandemic times to determine what shall work and what needs to be modified.  If the school was already using technology in the classroom, the transition may be easier.

Data is the New Oil 

Data is very important in an online environment. Data will help track online progress etc. and can be configured as desired. For example, a level up can be indicated on the screen as soon as the child meets a certain criteria which can be very encouraging for them. The teachers too can get a quick update on the progress of the students and guide them accordingly. 

Key Leadership Traits 

As mentioned above, it is advisable to keep the framework etc as close to per-COVID days as possible. We must not forget that educational leadership also includes encouraging others to achieve goals. 

The following leadership traits can be considered as an example-  

  1.  Articulate a clear vision and plan for the academic success of all students. 
  2.  Cultivate collaborative community networks that share the vision of student success. 
  3.  Promote teachers’ professional development and leadership skills. 
  4.  Rely on data to drive decision making and to measure progress. 
  5.  Maintain high standards for instruction that meets student needs. 
  6.  Foster the social and emotional learning of students and teachers.

Source : techlearning