When the electronic media is used to bully someone it is called Cyberbullying.  Unfortunately, cyberbullying can continue even outside the school premises. Bullies use digital technology to harass, threaten, embarrass or target another person by sending a nasty email, SMS or posting something derogatory about the victim on the school/class page and/or on other social media platforms.  

The teachers must educate the students of the same and tell them to save all the email, SMSes etc as evidence and share with their parents/teachers who in turn can inform the higher authorities and thus, appropriate necessary action can be taken in time. 

The Internet is an ocean of information. The flip side is that not all content which it throws up is child appropriate. Parents can adjust the settings of the internet to filter out the inappropriate stuff. A software can also be installed to block such sites. Children can be made aware to open websites with ‘G’ i.e. General audiences and/or PG i.e. Parental Guidance ratings only.

source : freetech4teachers