Music is everywhere. The birds chirping, the sound of river flowing, raindrops falling on a tinned roof. It unites people, it elevates moods, it can also be used as a therapy. It is a very important subject for children for better brain development, increasing human connection and as a stress reliever. Due to the pandemic many schools had to eliminate music from their curriculum. 

One chord at a time

Moosiko is pre-sequenced. Students learn a chord, play it with quality sound, practice it and have to achieve certain benchmarks before moving on. Teachers can track the student’s learning. For the students who struggle with self-motivation and do not know how to practice, it can be broken into small steps. The program also reminds students when to take a break.

Collaboration is key

Soundtrap is an application that allows students to record sounds and/or use in-built sounds and sound effects to create podcasts and songs. Group of students can also work together in real time. Such collaboration makes it perfect for remote learning. Students can also use the text chat to communicate with each other. 

Music-math connection

Muzology uses music to learn Maths. It activates those regions of the brain that are key for successful learning. The students memorize the math step and its vocabulary through its catchy songs and videos. Students can also create their own songs and teachers use the videos to introduce topics and reinforce materials to test preparation. 

Source : techlearning