As a matter of fact, your kid would love to sit all day on the computer to play video games, but when it comes to studying, making them sit for 15 minutes becomes a crucial task for you. 

As we all know, kids are enthusiastic about everything; every day. Kids want to try different things, and moreover, simply get bored with following the same regimen. And when it comes to education, as a parent, you have to look for a learning management system that makes teaching interesting. For kids, learning should always be fun. 

Education software means many things: for example: teaching vocabulary in a playful strategic way. Using graphics and visuals to let the students understand the concept better. 

The learning management systems come with immense multimedia and flashcard games to teach Maths. Can there be a more fun way to learn?

Did you know what all these examples have in common: the word “GAME.” It doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Such an advanced education management information system is intended to educate or enlighten, and “software” is computer-based.

It is clear that education software systems are there to educate the student and make their concept clear about the particular subject. And, now, this is where the controversy begins. 

  • On the one hand, education management software enlightens a student with using complex video games where strategy and teamwork are the driving players. 
  • While, on the other hand, there is the “typical” software that educates students on standards-based material.

Now the question arises? Which is better for students? A software that purely focuses on education or software that makes education fun? Should they be used together?

Is it really Educational software, or is it Edutainment? 

And, this is the new question- what is Edutainment? For those not familiar with this term, Edutainment is the combination of education and entertainment.

Many teachers and parents believe that today’s generation of kids demands high-quality education and “engaging material” that keeps the learning fun. Teachers are assisting in using education management information systems because kids are gaming outside of school, and teachers feel like they’re constantly competing with all the fancy multimedia that students have access to.

It will be good if students find the same multimedia, visuals while learning also. All in all, it boosts their performance, productivity, creativity, and skills. 

Educational Software and Edutainment are entirely focused on specific skills. In simple language, teachers will always be the face of the educational software; their role in keeping the students engaging and preparing interactive lessons will be lesser in Edutainment software. 

Moreover, an education management information system (curriculum-based) has the ability to lighten the teachers from making packages for individual students and focus their energy on the skills they’ve been hired for. 

Lastly, you will find education software reliable and constructive for the students.