Remote classes are quite challenging for students who have Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and their parents. Without the usual support from teachers or the familiarity of classroom rules and structures they are struggling to stay organized and cope with lessons and homework. In a physical classroom teachers can read the signs when students with ADHD are confused, fidgety or need a refocus prompt but in a remote class these signals are lost. 

According to a study following is what teachers are doing for students with ADHD-

Incorporate an element of choice to engage such students especially in lessons that are repetitive, long and require sustained mental effort. From time to time introduce another activity like standing up for a little while etc. This will help them bring focus back to the primary job. It is also suggested that they take their classes on a smart phone rather than on a laptop so that they can easily move from one place to another without missing out on anything important. Allow them to fidget so that they can concentrate better. 

Setting up timers on their phones about class start, due dates and other tasks help.  Post daily schedules in the designated space in your LMS and try not to deviate from the routine. 

It is best to present a new topic by letting them know the big picture first before moving on to specifics. Starting with too much detail is overwhelming for them. Children with ADHD have a poor working memory which makes reading, comprehending and retaining information difficult. You could ask the students to slow down and summarize each paragraph. You could number key paragraphs and ask students to write down the main idea of each. To make it more engaging and enjoyable, ask them to write hashtags of the paragraphs. 

It is important for these students to take regular breaks away from the online class to maintain focus.Children are missing out on socializing with peers. Schedule unstructured breaks where they can goof around and talk. They need this social interaction.