CBSE intents to declare the class 12 board exams result a week earlier than last year. A few measures by them to ensure an error free quick result computation. 31 lakhs students of class 10 and 12 have taken the board this year. Last year they had to face a lot of flak due to delay in university admission process due late declaration of revaluation results.

A 4 step evaluation process towards scrutiny of answer sheets has been formed by CBSE.

  • Instead of one evaluator checking one half of the answer sheet and the other half by another with the intention of removing human biases, from this year one evaluator will compete checking the answer sheet and then will exchange it with another evaluator for re-checking. Thus the sheets will be marked and reevaluated at the evaluation center itself.
  • Co-coordinators will counter check the copies randomly and the evaluation process will be counter checked by the Head Examiner at the designated centers with the purpose of eliminating errors before the results are compiled.
  • From 60 days to complete the evaluation process, the board is aiming to 50 days this year from the last exam. Extra evaluators have been called in to complete the process within the stipulated time frame.
  • 8 hrs of evaluation duty has been made mandatory for all evaluators and the attendance is strictly monitored