Selecting the appropriate software for your school system is a significant effort. 

Your school management software will be the cornerstone for your operations, from collecting and managing student data to interacting with parents and instructors to streamlining day-to-day obligations for employees. 

Look for these seven must-have features in your school administration software package to spend more time focused on children and less time behind a desk:

Online registration is straightforward 

Online registration and all payment modes processing make it easier for students and administrators to register for classes and activities. You can save time and money by removing teachers from the money collection process with online registration while making it easier than ever for parents and children to register for camps, sports events, school functions, and more. 

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Online registration modules securely process, track, and report the flow of money as it enters the school, and they enable parents and kids to create online accounts to access, track, and update personal information, eliminating the need to call the school with inquiries about amounts due.

Student fund accounting 

With student fund accounting software, you can streamline and automate your bookkeeping and reporting operations. Choose a software provider that keeps track of all revenue, expenditures, transfers, and modifications for all student activity accounts. Your student fund accounting module will protect the collecting, usage, and reporting of internal funds from receipts to reports, all while saving time spent on redundant data input, preventing lost receipts or accounting fraud, eliminating overdrawn accounts, and enhancing bank reconciliations.

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Customized Reporting

Financials, account analysis, banking, vendors, purchase orders, and encumbrance can all benefit from customized reporting. School administration software with customizable reports is critical for discovering the information your school needs and wants to precisely assess numbers without having to sift through extraneous data. To ensure interoperability with various operating systems, your software should allow you to export data into a variety of formats, including Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, and others.

Textbook Tracking

A sophisticated textbook tracking module allows you to manage, track, and distribute student and teacher textbooks from a single location. You can collect textbook debts, maintain sales and purchase histories, and record and monitor damaged inventory with one centralized tool. By efficiently tracking the lifecycle of a textbook, a textbook tracking tool will save your staff time and make the fall registration process easier.

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Inventory management

Increase school revenue by selling books, supplies, products, and other school-related items, utilizing a point of sale system with inventory management. A point of sale module will allow your employees to conduct transactions swiftly and securely over the phone or at the counter. Your point of sale should be integrated with inventory management to automatically notify staff members when supplies are running short. The sale of items and tickets will improve your earnings if you have access to the point of sale solution.

Centralized student database 

A centralized student database would protect students’ information and store data in a single location, assuring up-to-date records, allowing access and complete control over data. Reporting capabilities, information access, security, and financial and account control all benefit from centralized data.

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