The importance of schooling in a person’s life and child development cannot be undermined. It is the stepping stone in empowering children to become successful individuals in life. However, managing an institution involves cumbersome paperwork and manual processes and on top of it, complete and proper records have to be maintained. School ERP software is a set of tools or applications is a completely automated process which can reduce time and workload tremendously. The software has a centralized dashboard from where all the stakeholders can access important information at the click of a button. 

When your ERP takes over the task of streamlining your operations more efficiently by integrating various departments, the teachers can devote more time to teaching, parents are always up to date with the child’s performance and supervision becomes more effective by the management. Data, dynamic or static, from various departments can be made available at no time. Authentic data is very vital while taking decisions and introducing policies. 

One of the most important features of School ERP is to effectively and efficiently automate backend and frontend processes. 

Your ERP can bring respite to teachers also by reducing and automating the administrative part of their duties like marking attendance, making report cards, giving and assessing assignments and tests etc. The time saved can be utilized in more productive tasks. The software also provides a platform to create study groups for better communication. 

Keeping the parents updated with information regarding their ward is important. School ERP consists of built-in tools which keeps teachers, students and parents connected. They can track the school bus in real time, access the report card as soon as it is published, communicate with the teachers and school authorities through messaging features etc. 

There are many more features which the software can provide and customize per one’s requirements like fee collection, timetable, accounting and budgeting, Student management, Curriculum management, Hostel management, library management, resource lockers for the faculty etc. 

So, investing in a good cloud based school erp software is very important for a smooth and seamless working of your institute. 


Source: CoFounder