Why Does your School Need a Fee Management ERP

Finance is the backbone of any organisation. It is the basis for any strategic planning, budgeting, daily operations and funds/resources flow. Every organisation has its own complexities, exceptions and unique needs. We, at Skolaro, constantly strive to provide simple and effective solutions to all your requirements related to Fee Management and Accounting and Finance. 

A Sneak Peek –

  • Defaulter, Due, and Revenue Reports – Go paperless….chuck those heavy ledgers as now your defaulter, due amount and all Accounting and Finance reports would be at your fingertips
  • Auto Generated Alerts – Fee due, Fee defaulting and many other such alerts can be automatically triggered after the defined date via an e-mail and/or SMS
  • Invoice and Fee receipt with real time Tally integration thus doing away with duplicacy of work
  • Secure Online payment gateways both for web and Mobile
  • Auto generation of Tuition Fee Certificates at school and parent portal level
  • Imprest Money management to meet the incidental expenses for students in residential schools
  • Customisable Reports and Dashboard
  • Library Fines, Transport Fee and inventory integration with Fee Application
  • Automated Cashbook and Bank Account Transaction reconciliation at the close of business or as defined

…..and much more in offering with our 50+ modules. 

Let Skolaro take care of all your accounting and other back end management while you focus on growth!!