Research has shown that visuals have a greater impact on memory, therefore using videos in classrooms have quite a few pedagogical benefits. Videos stimulate thinking, are engaging and inspiring. To make the first day in school exciting for the students, interesting videos can be shown, teachers can make videos to introduce themselves, their home environment, families and interest etc. You could make a video to introduce the actual classroom, expectations from students and teachers for that year. 

A teacher introducing herself through a video can make the students feel comfortable. Exhibiting different learning areas of the classroom and previous students work can also help inspire children. Complete teaching plan can be shared on the website for the students and parents viewing. This way they can be better prepared as to what to expect and what they would be learning in the new class. Last but not the least, the dos and don’ts. To make it more exciting the students can participate and chalk out their own class rules. This way they are more likely to follow them. 


Source: The Tech Edvocate