As we all know that our PM Shri Narendra Modi recently launched the Fit India Movement on Khel Diwas. Apart from congratulating all the sportsmen who have brought laurels to the country he also laid emphasis on the importance of fitness for leading a healthy lifestyle.

CBSE too has been doing its part to encourage fitness amongst students. During the March 2019 board exams, CBSE made provision for 14 students who were participating in some National or International sport tournament. The board exam for such a student was conducted at a later date. This has now been made the standard procedure to facilitate the participation of students in sports without compromising on the Board Examination date sheet. 

A circular was issued by the board at the beginning of the academic session for all the affiliated schools to designate on period a day for classes 1 to 12 towards sports/physical education. It is a possibility that the board might make Yoga mandatory. These small steps will go a long way to counter the increasing menace of childhood obesity and diabetes.