A preschool teacher is equally hard working, trained and a dedicated teacher like any other in this profession; rather more so. They are not just a ’nose-wiping, toilet training’ glorified babysitters. Listed below are 5 reasons of what it means to teach before school going children. 

Lesson Plans, conferences and report cards

Teaching preschool children needs judicious planning. Believe or not but for these tiny tots too lesson plans are meticulously created to be sent home to parents weekly. What’s more, the plans are to be sent to the director for approval one week in advance like any other teacher. They are expected to communicate with the parents on a daily basis via emails etc explaining the day’s activity. Observations are documented and a complete quarterly reports are shared with the parents. They attend conferences and workshops to keep themselves updated. Proper handing over is done to substituting teachers during scheduled days off. 

Working Year-Round

There is no ‘summer break’ if the teacher is working in a childcare center. Days off or holidays too are minimum to accommodate working parents schedules. Come hail or storm, preschool teachers are expected to turn up for work. The lesson planning and staff meetings are done during after hours

Low wages

As it is the public schools teachers are underpaid but the preschool teachers are paid even less with almost non-existing yearly appraisals. 

Academic Expectations

Apart from above, a preschool teacher also has to make sure of achieving all educational goals in making each child prepared for kindergarten. All this has to be accomplished between spilt milk, crying children, toilet accidents, temper tantrums etc. 

Continuing Education

Preschool teachers at times attend Saturday classes to keep their teaching credentials up-to-date. 

Source: scarymommy.com