Concerning the present COVID-19 situation, schools around the nation have decided to move their classes online- giving kids a new approach to learning. 

Approximately every year, 56.6 million students enrolled in schools to get better knowledge, but since the time pandemic has hit the nation, its major impact has been seen on kids’ education.

It’s a dream of every kid to get a better education, but in a nation like India, where education was never the major concern, it has become really tough for small schools to attend to their kids. And after the pandemic, the situation gets worsens. Many of the schools laid their hands on the education management information system to give better teaching to their kids and also to ask parents to take more charge with stepping into a more active role of facilitating their child’s educational learning. 

Below are a few educational tips, strategies, and resources for parents.

Tip 1: Make home-schooling interesting:

Learning at home should always be fun and interactive. Parents keep participating with kids in online cultural activities, as it increases the kid’s brain-power, and they will be more likely to engage in additional online chats’ participation. 

Keep it achievable and fixed a rhythm: when kids see the same enthusiasm in their parents while learning, they grasp things better and feel more relaxed and happy. This overall improves the relationship between kids and parents – this is one of the major benefits of home-schooling. To make it more sustained for your kids, divide their homework time and playtime.

Sometimes the changed relationship of your as a parent to home teacher becomes stressful. Do not tight your and their schedule. When children wonder, it can be good to start doing another activity. The teacher and the student learn from each other. You grow together. 

Tip 2: Alternate work and exercise

Indeed, when home-schooling is done in the proper way, your child will have a fully balanced learning and surely become a well-rounded good student. The rewards are unmeasurable. After involving with your kids in school cultural activities, it’s time to make them aware of their health. From teaching them about what is COVID 19 to how to keep immunity stronger, today’s kids need to be health aware. If they can’t go outside to play, engage them in such activities which boost their metabolism. 

Enroll them in an online yoga class, as it is good to stimulate movement. Moreover, there are all kinds of exercising videos on YouTube for children. In ten minutes, these videos offer a small workout. Of course, jumping jacks or cycling is always an option.

Tip 3: Use teaching materials from school and beyond

Today, kids must have knowledge outside the books. The learnings should never be limited to the school books. 

Now, when you are schooling your kids, teach them about enrichment activities, including educational websites, at-home science projects, or fun learning games. Always maintain a soothing environment in the home; the kid’s focus should never be distracted by the chorus of the house. Aware them about nature, show them educational videos, as online learning management systems have become a part of their life. 

Tip 4: Organize help on time

Home-schooling never is easy; you have to prepare yourself to deal with unknocking problems. Sometimes, the child becomes irritated, frustrated with the surrounding environment; in such time, instead of scolding them, ask teachers to help you. 

Ask them if they can arrange an online psychoeducational evaluation to maintain the kid’s health. When so many things going around, there are changes when kids lost control, and seeking psychoeducational is very helpful. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to be your child’s psychologist and guide them in the right direction. 

Tip 5: Time, Balance, Growth & Togetherness

The utmost benefit of home-schooling is when your kids seeing you all day, you both learn and grow together. Your kids get to spend most of their time with you, their siblings, and their grandparents; this all strengthens their bond with their family members. It also teaches them the importance of family and relationships (the chapter they never forget in their life). 

This teaching for the children is a very valuable marketing lesson. So these things in everyday life add to your homeschooling experience.

At last!

A smart school management system is of utmost need to make home-schooling meaningful for both teachers and parents. With this, you keep tracking your child’s performance on educational activities and other circular activities.