Moral education was made mandatory as a nationwide initiative in 2016 in UAE and adults need to practice what they preach to youngsters to make this programme successful, opined the director of the Education Affairs Office at the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court, Mohamed Al Neaimi at a conference held in Dubai where school Principals had gathered to share the best practices on implementing moral education in classrooms.

From this academic year, moral education has been implemented in all schools from grades 1 – 12. The progress is regularly monitored by the authorities. There shall be four main objectives of the programme-civic studies, individual and community, cultural studies and character and morality to enable them overcome moral dilemmas of life. Moral education would also broaden their horizon and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills

Some schools have integrated moral education into core subjects. At a time when the child is learning about the science behind a plant they can also be told about the value of nurturing it.