Amidst the COVID-19 crisis Council for the Indian School Certificate has modified its evaluation process of answer sheets of ICSE and ISC board exams 2020. As per the norm the teachers are assigned to specific evaluation centres for correction of individual subjects both for ICSE and ISC and all the nominated examiners would sit together in the designated centre to correct the answer sheet within the scheduled time frame. The scores for each student were uploaded to the tabs provided by the Council under Live Ink Character Recognition (LICR). The entries against the respective roll numbers would immediately be registered on the CISCE server.

Following are the new guidelines under the present circumstances-

  • The evaluation process will be decentralized and the examiners will now mark the answer sheets from their respective homes.
  • Officials from the Board will meet all the examiners once for a short time to discuss the marking scheme and give other necessary instructions and hand over the answer script boxes.
  • It will be the responsibility of the examiner to safely transport the answer script box to his residence
  • The examiner will mark the answer sheet within the stipulated time period
  • In case any examiner is absent, the answer sheet allocated to that examiner will be reallocated by the concerned board officials amongst the other examiners present on the first day itself
  • The examiner will upload the marks on the LICR tabs at the evaluation Centre.
  • The examiner will bring all the answer sheets along with all the other confidential material and safely hand them back to the officials
  • The designated person will check all the boxes of marked answer sheets received and hand them over to the Centre-in-charge with the CDE Envelope.¬†
  • The boxes then will be given to the designated courier to be shipped to the Council office in Noida.¬†

Source: The Times of India