Education gurus of UAE have shared their predictions for the year 2019. Creative and social intelligence will be most sought after this year. The market is looking for qualified professionals with expertise in Animation, audio, design, film making, games development etc

Cybernetics-the human connections between computer network and AI is growing stronger and faster and is another major trend that will go beyond 2019

Rote learning will give way to greater diversity in the kinds of schooling models to encourage innovation.

The “affordable” school fee trend will continue in 2019 as well especially through the premium school sector.

Healthy competition amongst schools will continue resulting in better academic results with focus on sports and arts.

Peaceful coexistence themed lessons and activities because 2019 has been declared as the ‘Year of Tolerance’ in UAE

Schools following Ministry of Education curriculum will teach about the life of UAE’s first president Late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Second Dubai Wellbeing Census results will be released to schools in February

One million dollar Varkey Foundation Global Teacher award 2019 will be declared in March in Dubai.

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