The state education department’s proposal to take into account only theory marks of CBSE and ISC while granting admission to class 12 has not gone down well with the parents of non-state board students and have called it an injustice towards students.

Due to a drop in SSC pass percentage, the state education department proposed to do away with the 20 marks allotted to internal examination by CBSE and ICSE boards for admissions to junior colleges. The parents argued that these marks were inclusive of terminal exam, two unit test, notebook keeping, projects, practical and oral exams and were not given arbitrarily by the teachers.

Under the present system, 20 marks are reserved as internal marking by CBSE for compulsory subjects – English, second language, mathematics, science and social sciences. These marks are given by the school after assessing the student’s performance in the said subject for the whole year. Whereas, CISCE permits students to drop maths in class IX and X and they can opt for an optional subject consisting of 50 internal marks. Core subjects like English, Social Sciences and second language have 20 marks reserved for internal assessment and 80 marks for written exams.

Source: The Indian Express