Obesity or overweight has now become a global concern and in India too it has reached an epidemic proportion. The West Bengal Education Department would be introducing lessons in school curriculum from primary level to raise awareness and its prevention giving importance to healthy lifestyle.  Practical and theoretical knowledge will go hand in hand. Teachers will be trained to induce the habit of practicing yoga amongst children.

Certain parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar and body weight will be regularly monitored by the schools and their relation with obesity will be explained to children. The schools have bought the various instruments too from the funds provided by the department meant for this purpose.

Teachers will be trained by physicians in handling the instruments and will be told about ways to prevent obesity through controlled food habits and regular exercise.

Source: https://www.ndtv.com/education/bengal-government-to-provide-lessons-on-obesity-prevention-in-schools-1968189?type=news&id=1968189&category=Education