Importance of healthy eating habits amongst children needs no mention and a survey conducted across 90 government and private schools in NCR has brought to light that 47 in every 100 children of classes between 5 to 7 don’t eat enough vegetables and 72 in every 100 don’t eat enough fruits on a daily basis. Data released by a non-profit research organisation further mentions that as against recommended 5 servings of vegetable intake by WHO the average intake of the kids of this age group is only 2.4 and the average intake of fruits is 100gm as against recommended 400gms.

The survey included children from various socio-economic groups studying across 36 government and 54 private schools in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. The students were given Multiple choice questions to select from the best options that suited them.

Average intake vegetables among students of government schools is higher than those in Private schools while intake of fruits is higher amongst private school students. As per the experts parents need to pack a healthier tiffin box rather than pasta and maggi and school canteens should also encourage healthier eating option amongst children.