China is emerging as the leader in producing STEM graduates. It is leading in AI education with the aim of establishing major global innovation centers for AI in Chinese universities by 2030. The impact of this effort can be seen in K-12 classrooms throughout China. Mastering AI and machine intelligence will affect their social capital and military strength.

Machine Intelligence in China’s Schools:

Smart cameras are fitted in some classrooms. Teachers often rely on the grading software to provide objective assessment on students and reducing their workload. A comprehensive AI textbook has also been produced for preschool children. Facial recognition software records the emotions of the students throughout the day and alerts the teachers if they seem confused or bored.

This enables them to adjust their lessons to improve student engagement and understanding.
AI powered automated grading system reduces a teacher’s time to grade student work. Its keen eye and analysis gives more time to teachers to use constructively.

The Machine Intelligence in Your Life

Machine intelligence is more popular in other countries than in china. Surveillance security cameras and software is used to deter crime. There are apps that can differentiate between gunshots and fireworks. China plans to use facial recognition software to reduce criminal activities. It is also experimenting with a social credit system that would allow or deny freedom based on behavior that’s been recorded and analyzed. Lately cameras installed in classrooms is being used to scans faces to determine if someone belongs to that place or is a threat or an offender in the school