National Festival of Kerala or ‘Onam’ is one of the most popular festivals of the Keralites. Every year it falls during the month of August-September and according to the Malayalam calendar is also the first month of the year called Chingam. It is a 10 day festival celebrated in honour of King Mahabali who had led the state to the path of prosperity. His generosity never let any subject go empty handed from his door.  It is celebrated with equal fervour both by the old and the young. Onam is also said to mark the harvest season for Kerala. Each day is called by a different name and there are specific celebrations on each of the ten days. The festival of Onam brings along with it all the colours of Kerala- its history, its culture,  its beliefs. Designing of beautiful flower carpets called Pookalam, preparation of banquet lunch, organisation of snake boat races, Puli Kali, and the Kaikottikkali dance are the major attractions of the festival. Elaborate meals called Onam-Sadya are cooked and served on Banana leaves. The spread includes rice along with a minimum of 4 varieties of dishes, traditional pickle and papadam and dessert called ‘Payasam’. The origin of the word Onam lies in the Sanskrit word ‘Shravanam’ meaning 27 Nakshataras or constellations.  

So, on this happy occasion of Onam, Team Skolaro wishes you abundance of joy, good health and prosperity. Happy Onam!!