Mentoring New Teachers Virtually

How the pandemic has thrown life out of gear for everyone needs no mention. New teachers can be mentored to conduct online classes. Virtual Mentoring saves time and allows flexibility. Teachers too can share their technology related expertise and concerns. The mentoring programs are much needed now so that our teachers can deliver high-quality instruction in all possible manner. 

Using Technology for Instruction and Feedback

Mentors can be included in the Zoom, Google classroom or other online platforms to observe and give feedback from a student’s perspective during their live lessons. Mentors can introduce teachers to new technology tools like using the Doodle calendar to set up one-on-one zoom sessions.  SmartMusic and Flipgrid supports virtual music classes. Mentors also help teachers modify traditional assignments for the virtual learning environment and create self-grading assessments for immediate feedback. 

Virtual Collaboration

Mentors can introduce teachers to virtual collaboration platforms like Google drive folders to share resources, lesson planning etc.   This is an important feature as the teachers need  to prepare for classes and share instruction material virtually. 

Connecting with Students and Families 

Another concern that the mentors addressed and offered suggestions was the importance of connecting with students and families to keep them engaged. Many apps can help communicate with families through text or email. Certain applications like Google Read Aloud extension and voice dictation tools could be used to facilitate at-home learning.

Source: edutopia