Project based learning encourages students to learn by applying knowledge and skills through an engaging experience.

It’s not ‘doing projects’

In PBL it is important to note that students are not just completing a project. Certain resources, tools and shifts in thinking can help in implementing authentic PBL into your classroom. 

Students–and parents–need to understand the process

To decide upon a project children can choose from a variety of well thought of themes, choose something independently or it could be a combination of both. Students and parents need to understand that the liberty to choose leads to more independent and meaningful PBL experiences.  

The right technology can make all the difference.

Digital tools help open opportunities for communication and collaboration. Sharing the same with students, proper instructions and continued feedback can be an enriching experience for all. 

Developing quality Essential Questions takes practice.

Children will ask questions pertaining to the resource and/or digital tools. Sometimes the answers are not simply a yes or no nor are they easily found in google search. Such essential questions ignite the students curiosity to seek more information which further helps them develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

Project-based learning is a team-effort.

PBL is a team effort. Students love to have a chance to be in the lead and share their own learning. Support provided to each other in the process makes all the difference. 

Project-based learning empowers students.

PBL also provides an insight to the student’s passions and interests.  Students while sharing their knowledge open up many new learning opportunities for others too.   

Project-based learning forces students to see learning differently.

In PBL, students need to understand that they have to work through the research, gather information and the final project would keep becoming clearer as they progressed. 

Patience is key

Patience is a critical component of any successful PBL teacher. There can be various glitches at times but eventually you will see the impact it has had on your student’s learning.

Source: teachthought