Parents of children with special needs have hailed the new guidelines issued by KHDA to make the education system inclusive.

  • Knowledge of Humana and Development Authority (KHDA) will approve all the additional fees that a private school may charge the students of determination requiring extra services 
  • KHDA’s ‘Directive and Guidelines for Inclusive Education’ guideline lists the legal responsibilities that the schools will have over the rights of special education needs and disabilities (SEND) students 
  • In 2017 the KHDA had issued a notice that no school could refuse admissions to student of determination and to make sure that the infrastructure and other requirements for such students are in place
  • This directive had come after several parents had complained of schools refusing admissions. Still some parents are paying outrageous fees including tuitions
  • KHDA guidebooks also states that all private schools in Dubai must ensure registering an individualised service agreement with them in case of charging any additional fees to fund educational provisions to the students of determination. 
  • The associated fee charged and the individualised service agreement can only be applied for if the provision is not available through the standard school service
  • Related documents to be provided to parents and KHDA justifying the requirement individualised service
  • The individualised service agreement can be submitted online  
  • If for any reason admission is denied to any such student the schools must share the reason with KHDA by completing the non-admission notification procedure
  • There shall be no pre-condition of medical assessment of a medical diagnosis for the student’s participation in the entry assessment process 
  • When any such student is denied admission the notification to KHDA should clearly mention whether the denial was prior to the application or was identified as a result of the entry assessment procedure
  • The information provided in the non-admission notification form will be monitored and evaluated by KHDA. This may lead to further review and action in accordance with The Executive Council Resolution No. (2) of 2017 Regulating Private Schools in the Emirate of Dubai.


Souce: Khaleej Times