The ISC (Indian School Certificate) board exams have begun and will conclude on March 31st 2020. According to the Council’s notice the result of the exams will be declared in May 2020 and in this matter no request of any kind either from the students or guardians will be entertained by them.

As is the norm, 15 minutes of extra time will be given to the students before the commencement of the exam to read the question paper. Practical papers have been scheduled in the morning session and theory for the afternoon. 

Students are advised to read the question paper carefully and answer only as many questions as mentioned in the question paper

The examiner while evaluating the paper will take into account the clarity of handwriting and correct spellings. Students are advised to write clearly using a fountain pen or a ball-point pen and use pencils for making diagrams. 

Students have to bring in their own mathematical and drawing instruments and colour pencils when needed.

The Council permits the use of simple electronic calculators. 

Source: NDTV