In today’s world all have to work hard, be it man or woman, to get the best in life. On one side parents give the best possible education to their children and on the other do not make them independent enough to take care of the household chores without external help.

Introduction of Home Economics

An institute named Calegio Montecastelo in Vigo near North western Spain has, among other subjects taught in school, introduced ‘home economics’ to teach the children ironing, cooking, cleaning, bed making and washing clothes. The course will run parallel with other courses. Initially the children were only taught how to cook in school.

Positive Reviews from Children

Parents saw a positive change in their wards after these classes. They were now making equal contribution to the chores around the house. These learning will also help them later in their life.

What is Home Economics?

To define home economics, it is a science of operating domestic units with efficiency, comfort and sustainability. With changing times, mentality and gender equality; we too should follow suit and teach children how to manage their lives.